Saturday, September 3, 2011

Harry Potter in 99 Seconds

Haha this is funny :) Plus these kids remind me of Zach and Cody... Enjoy!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I found it! I found the will power!! And that first step worked WONDERS!!

Remember this post about how I am no good at practicing piano, writing in my journal, and I always forget to read my scriptures?
Well... I'm here to tell you... I found it!! The will power!! The piano part I sorta just came up with... I LOVE practicing the piano. I practiced for like 1 1/2 (Okay, maybe a little less) hours the other day. :)

Journal?? Okay, I'm still pretty bad at this one, but I guess this is kinda journaling? Right?

Scriptures: This is my favorite one. I think that my problem was that I couldn't really understand very well what I was reading. I decided to switch from reading the BOM to the Docterine and Covenants for a while. Doing this made all the difference. D&C is so easy to read and understand, and it is filled with awesome scriptures. (Seriously, I think my marking pencil is tired.)
Now, about sixty sections into D&C, I love reading my scriptures. I realized that it doesn't matter if you fully understand what is going on in the story. Maybe I just have to try and focuse on what that chapter is telling me. If I can understand and see the big story and picture, then that helps a lot. But sometimes you just have to accept that you don't understand that part right now and move on.
As my seminary teacher says, the scriptures are full of hidden treasures. I think I am starting to understand that.


Monday, July 18, 2011


   I went to efy last week... and it was AMAZING!! It was so much fun and so spiritual... You seriously feel so amazing and different the whole week! I already miss it!

  Here are just a few of the pictures I took:

This was the first day - right after check-in!

We had to keep taking pics in the mirror because we had a hard time fitting everyone in otherwise!

This was the first dance- it was so hot outside!

Games Night
Pizza Night

One of our counselors, Maddy, after we heart attacked her door the last night

This is us with our session director Brother Laing

This is a bunch of kids in my company making a thank you card for the byu creamery

My Company!! Yay!!

All of the boys in my company
All of the girls in my company

This was at the last dance... and yes, this kid can limbo that low!

Us eating ice cream bars from the vending machine

The End!! Boo Hoo!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Here's how my bucket list is going...

This is my "2011 Bucket List" that I posted a little while ago. Let's see how it's coming...

1. Try something new and don't always put my own wants first
              - Hmmm... Well I suppose that I am in the process of doing this one. I've probably tried something new in the last six months... Not putting my own wants first? Hmmm... I sometimes remember to do this one.

2. Save up my money for something in particular (no more spending just because I can)
              - Haven't done this one. I only have like $13 to my name.

3. Learn 5 new Jon Schmidt songs
               - First off, I have no idea why I put this one. I am probably capable of doing this, but I don't play Jon Schmidt very much. I've learned, like, one.

4. Go to a concert... maybe with luck, somebody good will turn up in SLC.
                - Haven't done this one. And honestly, I probably won't.

5. Earn two more values in Personal Progress
                - One down!!

6. Figure out how to be as crazy in Mia Maids as I was in Beehives
                - Uhh... can I say done, done, done, and DONE!

7. Do my homework right when I get home from school (yea right)
                 - See number 4 :)

8. Get my learner's permit\
                  -six more months!

9. Not crash while I am learning how to drive
                 - N/A

10. Learn to turn my lemons into the perfect lemonade
                  -It depends on what my lemons look like...
11. Befriend someone who is right now a stranger to me
                   - Done. I meet new people every semester.
12. Keep up on American Idol and AGT so I don't have to watch 6 episodes in one night
                    - First, I don't even like American Idol anymore. I love AGT, though, and I have kept up on it so far.
13. See the glass as half full
                    - Again, it definitely depends.
14. go to EFY
                    - Less than one month baby!!
15. Rule the school in 9th grade
                    - Hmmm.. have to wait a couple more months for that.
16. Eat healthier
                   - Nope. My favorite food group is still the skinny yellow one.
17. Do more service. And remain anonymous.
                   - I've probably done this a little bit. Not very much though.

18. Make sure that I am mindful of my friend's needs and wants
                    - I think that I've always been pretty good at this.

19. Turn my siblings into my best friends
                   - Certainly haven't done this yet. I've been getting along with them pretty well though.

20. Keep my annoying-teenager comments to a minimum
                   - Haven't even tried.... darn.

21. Don't talk in Sunday School unless it is relevant to the lesson.
                   - I'm almost 100% sure that this will never happen.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wow. This is crazy awesome...

This is a vid from America's Got Talent last night. Their act is seriously beautiful... like, I got goosebumps. All I can say is watch, watch, watch!! It is amazing!!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My New Favorite Toy

I have a new favorite toy... ready?
The Rubik's Cube. I love this thing. And as nerdy as it may sound, I can solve it.
Not fast, mind you, it takes me a couple of minutes, but it still gets solved.
I'm sort of obsessed with doing this, which is kinda funny because I don't actually have one.
So I just steal Zach's Rubik's Cube and solve it a couple of times before he gets mad at me and wants it back.
(And yes, I know that this officially makes me a nerd. My mom even pointed that out haha. I agree.)

Anyways... so if you ever have a scrambled up Rubik's Cube that needs to be solved... call me!
:) And if you want to learn, there are some awesome vids on youtube. The one I used is like 30 minutes long, though, and it takes a lot of memorization!